High Petrol Prices?

with petrol prices so high across the globe, you may be seeking alternate means of transportation. Perhaps you are carpooling to work or taking public transportation like trains and buses. Maybe you are walking or riding your bicycle.

But, there is another alternative. Have you considered a motorbike? The price of petrol has always been relatively high in Europe, so motorbikes have always been more popular in Europe.

Although they are more popular in Europe than they are in America, a motorbike can be an efficient US commuting alternative. Did you know there have been more than 10,000 models produced by more than 2500 manufacturers worldwide?

High Petrol Prices

Motorbikes are produced in every country from Australia to Yugoslavia. Extensive internet sites exist that have detailed descriptions of up to 5000 models in several languages. Let’s take Triumph and trace the history of motorbikes in America.

They were introduced in 1886 by Siegfried Bettman who became a sales representative of the US- based White Sewing Machine Company and began importing motorbikes. At that time, they were called “safety” bikes. Although they were well built, sales were poor until Bettman bikes changed their name to Triumph. Bettman began to manufacture the bikes themselves in England. As motorized vehicles of all kinds took hold, motorbike sales began to flourish. Of course the most famous American motorbike company is Harley-Davidson. Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson began producing

motorbikes in Milwaukee in 1903. Their early motorbikes had one-cylinder engines and were built strictly for racing. However, as times changed so did their motorbikes. Their famous logo, recognized across the world, was placed on the first motorbike in 1910. Although motorbikes with big engines ruled the road, fuel efficiency is now more important and the smaller Sportster model is gaining popularity. Today, Harley-Davidson has 62% of the motorbike market in the US.

Harley-Davidson motorbike

As you can see, motorbikes have a grand history. Add their fuel economy to the mix, purchase price and bike insurance costs and a motorbike can become an unbeatable way to commute. Everyone from diehard weekend travellers to New York commuters are riding today. And it has its fringe benefits. Riding a motorbike adds certain flair to even the simplest trip to the store. You get more of the sensation of moving with the wind in your face and you feet on the controls. So enjoy your commute more, save petrol and ride a motorbike today. It will add adventure to your daily life!

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